March 12, 2019 9:47 AM


When the choice is between an image and a video, to make an effective sale, today the answer is pretty obvious – go for video. However, there are also stats that say that when it's an ad video, your viewer has only one minute to spare. You have just sixty seconds at your disposal, use them wisely. But before you delve into adding punch to your content, you have to settle down on a medium to communicate with your audience.

Recent studies favour Facebook video over YouTube. 

The reason is simple enough – User Interaction. In a Facebook versus YouTube study conducted by Quintly.com, the ever growing and ever evolving social media giant overtook the video sharing website in big, long strides. Quintly.com studied the activity, interaction and engagement rendered by 1,87,000 pages and over 750 million posts, in order to arrive at data that was convincingly in favour of Facebook video. The study coughed up the following data:

    – 89% of all videos on Facebook are directly uploaded to the platform and only 8% are through YouTube links.
    – Facebook videos get 477% more shares than YouTube, and 530% more comments.
    – As far as Interaction Rate goes, Facebook scored higher there too with a 168% higher Interaction Rate than YouTube

In January 2017, Mark Zuckerberg said, “I see video as a mega-trend.” And he truly had his facts right and his sights set along the right angle. Facebook has more than 2.07 billion active users, which is practically a third of the world's population. What brings people to Facebook? Interactivity and Entertainment, and there is no shortage for both. Every user watches at least one video a day, which was reason enough for Facebook to take video sharing more seriously than before.

The masterstroke by the platform was to enable video embedding. This means you do not have to upload to YouTube and share a link on Facebook. Instead you can directly upload the video here. The simplified algorithm worked wonders for Facebook, because now videos could be viewed by users on their walls. When you paste a YouTube link, the viewer is diverted to YouTube and that does not bode well with the user who will return to his Facebook page without giving your video a chance.

Another important reason behind Facebook video growing in preference with leading brands and marketers, is the immense data collection and analytics available to native videos. At the very outset, Facebook allows you to reach your specific target group which is definitely the better strategy, In addition to this targeted campaigning, you also can keep a tab on how your video is fairing based on Audience Retention Metrics that is made available to you. Not just the number of Likes and Shares, you are even privy to information such as how many comments and user engagements it has received. It is even possible to know how many repeat and unique views your video has got. All this data will help you assess the effectiveness of your ad campaign and make any changes if necessary.

Points to keep in mind while advertising via Facebook video ads:
 - Subtitles and graphics add value. According to Digiday 85% videos are viewed on mute.
 - Pinned videos grab attention. Pin a video of a new product, policy or innovation at the top of your page where users cannot miss it.
 - Native videos and not links. Upload your videos directly to Facebook to have access to data and analytics.
 - Thumbnail Selection. Facebook video allows you to pick a thumbnail for your video. Choose wisely one that will convey the right message and emotion.
 - Emotionally charged content sells. Facebook users log in more for entertainment, than business. Videos that make an emotional connect gets most viewed and shared.