March 12, 2019 10:32 AM


The Internet as a medium of communication and information has become such an integral part of everyone's life that it is absolutely imperative for every business to have an online presence. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what will help strengthen your online presence by getting you a top rank on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). More than 14 million searches take place online every month, which means search engines are actively crawling the world wide web perpetually, evaluating the overall value of content on every website. If your content best matches the keywords typed in by the user, your page will top the SERP rankings and the link to your page will appear on the first page of search results. Most users scan the results only on the first page, which means if you don't make the cut, you lose out on the deal. 

Be Content Conscious

For a great SEO plan, always remember Content is King. 

1. Unique content, relevant to your service and easily understandable by the user plays a big part in getting your page found. 

2. Engaging content that holds the interest of the user without merely disseminating information, enhances user experience, which keeps visitors on your website longer.

3. Keyword Stuffing is a big NO. In the nascent stage of SEO, this was a prime practice by digital marketers. Online content was strewn with keywords that search engines were programmed to look out for. However, the search engine algorithm has now evolved such that the search-bots are able to identify when keywords have been forced into the content to manipulate the SERP. 

4. A strong social media presence with a substantial amount of followers makes your website more credible. 

5. Ensure that the content on your website changes with the times. Blog posts and news posts that talk about current business trends, makes sure that updated keywords are used, while also providing pertinent info to prospective clients. 

6. Customer testimonials and feedback not only help you improve on your selling skills, but also provides the kind of unique yet relevant content that alert search engines to your presence. 

Tricks for Treats

Must do's to get ahead in the SEO race:

1. Google is not the only search engine. Your site needs to be in the good books of other search engines too - such as Bing, Yahoo and Duck Duck Go. Choosing the right meta tags can help you with this. 

2. Content Duplication is good and bad! If the search engine thinks the duplication has occurred too many times and with the sole purpose of manipulating SERP rankings, your website will be red flagged and will not show up in the first search result page. 

3. Optimize content for local searches as well. If you are a small business it would help if your website carried a company profile and a simple map pointing out your office. 

4. Get a verified Google My Business listing for added credibility. 

5. Design your website keeping in mind that most users go online via their mobile phones. Websites that are not mobile phone compatible rank low with search engines.

6. Videos with strong content and imagery that is relevant, are also picked up by search engines, so make sure the overall content is high on quality. 

Stay abreast with current SEO policies, enhance your website with unique, quality content and stay ahead of the game.